Xero the world's easiest accounting system

Xero is an online accounting system that gives you and your advisors easy access to your bank transactions, invoices, reports, GST - anytime you need it, anywhere in the world.

Getting set up on Xero is easy
Xero is an online accounting system so I can set you up as soon as you are ready!

Need help with Xero - remote training available
No need for you or I to leave our PC's. I can remote access your computer and with the aid of a phone show you on your own computer how to do tasks within Xero.

New business? Want Xero but already have existing accounting software?
Don’t let that stop you! Whether you use MYOB, Quickbooks or anything else, call or email me and I will go through what information I need from you to get your business switched over SMOOTHLY. Xero is truly a wonderful accounting system and well worth the investment.

Xero Integration Service
We can utilise the Xero API to integrate Xero Accounting features into your application. For example we can integrate your Payroll, POS, Stock and Payment systems with Xero to provide automated direct access to your Xero accounting system. Xero has available the following endpoints (with which we can integrate):

• Accounts
• Branding Themes
• Contacts
• Credit Notes
• Currencies
• Invoices
• Journals
• Organisation
• Payments
• Tax Rates
• Tracking Categories

Learning Xero over the phone is easy and convenient as I get to stay home with the family and get the accounting done!

I've never had any formal training for accounting what so ever. My husband and I decided to work for ourselves and I needed help with accounting fast! Xero was recommended to us as a simple system to grasp and help came with it! Yes I was set! Jo's easy manner makes learning accounting and Xero more rewarding, I can ask for help any time. Any mistakes I make can be corrected with Jo being on her computer and phone in Tauranga and I on mine in Hamilton it's that simple its great!

Fiona Jenkins, AMS Waikato, Admin

Xero Accounting | Bookkeeping | Consulting | Setup | Conversions

For a no obligation, free and friendly chat phone Joanne on 07 578 3510 or email info@adminsolution.co.nz

*Exisiting businesses with information that needs to be imported or conversion balances setup or inventory items and bank transactions needing to be imported will cost more and will be done on an hourly rate.